About Us

Jainoutlook.com is a community service portal started 2010 by Ms. Shruti Jain Nahar, under the guidance of Mr Sanjeev Jain Duggar and Sh. Sikander Lal Jain, very eminent people of the society and SAN Jain Sabha, Ludhiana with a single aim to spread Jainism and its ideologies via this new medium of internet. 

We are now joined by our young generation people who are adding a new enthusiasm and new technology in this mission which is headed by Mr Pranav Jain. 

The aim behind this is to spread rich knowledge, customs, traditions, religion, awareness about Jainism and Jain literature. 
Our efforts have been consistent to do so and we have been organizing different events and activities in this regard since our inception. 
We seek help and guidance of all our people in this objective and also stand proudly collective to take it forward every day.